Thank you for looking at my page. I am Mike McVey a senior currently at Michigan State University. I will be graduating in the spring of 2022. I am getting my degree in computer science with a minor in game design and development. I also currently work at Michigan State's Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab.


The Lovers

The Lovers is a puzzle game where players interact with drawings and text inside a journal to solve animated and narrative challenges in order to reunite two gods of love.

This is my most recent class project. I acted as the lead programmer on the project

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12-11-2020- Michigan Sentiment.png

Big Data Project: 

We used tweets dealing with COVID-19 to analyze the sentiment of people living inside of Michigan. The purpose of this is to help locate outbreaks of COVID in communities and to get immediate feedback of peoples' responses of the handling of COVID in their communities. Below is the report stating our process and our results. 

12-08-2020- Michigan Sentiment.png

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Some of the projects I have worked on for the Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab are Isotopolis 2 which is a educational racing game that helps details the process of what goes on at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams at MSU. Additionally I worked on updating and upkeep of two other VR projects which was my first experience into working with VR.